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Free Shipping to the USA


Welcome to my world of comfort and versatility. I am Wanda Burel, entrepreneur, sister and girlfriend to women just like you. Managing a hectic schedule and the need for a pajama that offered versatility for my busy lifestyle led me to design Girlfriend Pajamas. My desire for a stylish, transitional, wrinkle resistant pajama with deep pockets without the look of sleepwear gave birth to a garment designed to transform the way you think of traditional sleepwear. After developing my sleepwear, I loved my pajamas so much, I decided to share them with women and girls just like you. In both short and full lengths, you will enjoy your Girlfriend Pajamas during all seasons.

Made from hand-selected materials of superior quality, my custom-made product is guaranteed to provide the look, feel, and versatility you need. In Girlfriend Pajamas you are not confined to the bedroom, you can run errands, work, grocery shop, and engage in life – without a change in wardrobe from night to day, so call your girlfriends and wear my garments in good taste both night to day!.


About Company

In a modern, technology-driven society, most women work beyond once held traditional hours and need every tool available to give themselves an extra hour in their busy day. If you’ve slept late or encountered circumstances that have you off-track and you need to do errands before getting yourself ready for your day, Girlfriend Pajamas offers the perfect solution. Girlfriend Pajamas allows you to comfortably engage in life without looking like you are wearing your pajamas. Our style and wrinkle resistant high-quality fabrics allow you to do more than sleep – they allow you to live in one functional garment.